Unboxing MICHIGAN What's GOOD and BAD About Living in MICHIGAN

24 Mar 2022

Why the heck would anyone want to live in Michigan Well we're about to show you exactly what Does Michigan have the best blueberries on earth Is it true that there s a lake monster that lives in Lake Erie And where the hell did all of the car makers go We re gonna answer those questions and more So take out both hands and get ready to show everyone which part of the state you re from as we get ready to unbox the great state of Michigan Michigan almost touches Canada but the two are separated entirely by water of some sort As far as the residents of the geographically complicated state are concerned there are two Michigans Michigan and Northern Michigan There s a lot of Packer fans eskimos huge mosquitos and drinkers way up here They get a lot of snow up here - about 80 inches a year in many parts Michigan as a state has the third most hunters per capita where 1 in 10 residents hunts But in the UP 100 of the people hunt Even the women The opposite of that is Detroit It s one of the worst places in the country That s undeniable Of course Detroit people will remind you that their city is trying to make a comeback which is true Certain areas of downtown look much better and going back to 1985 Detroit s violent crime rate has come down dramatically And of course there s Flint which also struggled to stay economically relevant when car companies left the state Flint is always towards the top five in America in terms of dangerous cities per capita To make matters worse Flint s municipal water supply is lacking in drinkability and has been for years The Great Lakes contain more than 80 percent of North America s and more than 20 percent of the world s surface fresh water supply Many Michigan residents boat on these lakes and jump off into them from tall rocks There are quite a few nice beaches in Michigan especially along the Lake Michigan shoreline The coastal community of Grand Haven is charming Saugatuck is famous for its beach dunes Traverse City was once called the second best small town travel destination in America They also make cherries here The rest of Michigan is pretty boring Lots of country roads rolling hills and trees Outside of a handful of metro areas like Grand Rapids Lansing and Battle Creek it s Just a bunch of Euchre players Michigan makes cereal and milk that s cool It s also the 7th biggest exporter in the US and is a leader in producing blueberries corn soybeans grapes and apples Michigan is situated smack-dab in the midwest which means weird whether patterns and freaky storms They get so much snow they use what are called Yooper Scoopers to move the piles of snow off their rooves so they don t cave in Michigan s weather is quite diverse Ask any Michigander what the weather is like and it s hard to tell since it changes so often What about the sports in Michigan Well football season is a big deal where most of the southern part of the state cares about the Lions while the UP roots on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Of course being in a state with frozen lakes everywhere you d expect hockey to be huge here - in fact there are more kids who play hockey in Michigan than in any other state As such there are lots of Red Wings fans everywhere here But that s nothing compared to the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry Everyone in Michigan does not like Ohio State Credits Stereotype Map of Michigan -- Jaran Malafa THEinlinemissle a https 3A 2F 2Fwww youtube com 2Fuser 2FTHEinlinemissle a About the channel This channel talks about America different states education travel geography and what it's like to live in different places in America a https 3A 2F 2Fwww youtube com 2Fwatch 3Fv 3DCNk4jP5og0I a Business email robikmarketing1 gmail com Mappy Mappy HomeSnacks net He'll do his best to answer your questions and fan mail

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