Remote Sensing Scientists Technologists and Technicians Career Video

27 Apr 2023

This career video provides day in the life information about the following jobs and occupations JOB TITLE Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION Apply remote sensing principles and methods to analyze data and solve problems in areas such as natural resource management urban planning or homeland security May develop new sensor systems analytical techniques or new applications for existing systems RELATED JOB TITLES Data Analytics Chief Scientist Geospatial Intelligence Analyst Professor Remote Sensing Analyst Remote Sensing Program Manager Remote Sensing Scientist Research and Development Director R D Director Research Scientist Scientist Sensor Specialist ONET 19-2099 01 JOB TITLE Remote Sensing Technicians OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION Apply remote sensing technologies to assist scientists in areas such as natural resources urban planning or homeland security May prepare flight plans or sensor configurations for flight trips RELATED JOB TITLES Aerial Photo Lab Manager Digital Imaging CAD Tech Aerial Sensing Equipment Camera and Lidar Geospatial Extraction Compiler Digital Cartographic Technician Geospatial Extractor Analysis IP Mosaic Technician Meteorologist Liaison Production Manager Project Manager Research Associate

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