Musicians and Singers Career Video

27 Apr 2023

This career video provides day in the life information about the following jobs and occupations JOB TITLE Musicians and Singers ONET 27-2042 00 OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION Play one or more musical instruments or sing May perform on stage for broadcasting or for sound or video recording RELATED TASKS Practice musical instrument performances individually or in rehearsal with other musicians to master individual pieces of music or to maintain and improve skills Perform before live audiences in concerts recitals educational presentations and other social gatherings Specialize in playing a specific family of instruments or a particular type of music Play musical instruments as soloists or as members or guest artists of musical groups such as orchestras ensembles or bands Sight-read musical parts during rehearsals Sing a cappella or with musical accompaniment Interpret or modify music applying knowledge of harmony melody rhythm and voice production to individualize presentations and maintain audience interest Sing as a soloist or as a member of a vocal group Observe choral leaders or prompters for cues or directions in vocal presentation Perform before live audiences or in television radio or movie productions RELATED JOBS Cellist English Horn Player Horn Player Musician Oboist Orchestra Musician Percussionist Timpanist Violinist Violist Choir Member Chorister Gospel Singer Musician Opera Singer Singer Singing Telegram Performer Songwriter Vocal Performer Vocalist

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