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24 Mar 2022

Kensington Philadelphia might the saddest place on the east coast What is happening in America Pennsylvania's neighborhoods are a total wasteland For this episode of dashboard tours I drove into the worst neighborhood in Philadelphia Kensington Actually this might be the worst neighborhood of all neighborhoods It was a bleak cloudy and miserable late winter morning on Wednesday March 17 2021 Kensington is located on the city s northeast side You can see here on the map exactly where this neighborhood is It s notorious for rundown buildings crime homeless drug abuse and abandoned buildings The type of stuff you might see on any given day in Kensington Philadelphia are things you might expect to see in third world countries Just a couple years Ago this was an uncontrolled community of panhandling drug abuse theft prostitution homeless trash and murder This has also been called the biggest open-air drug market on the east coast and this part of town is why Philadelphia is in the top 10 for drug overdoses in the nation Drug users around the nation know Kensington as the Walmart of heroin Apparently the city has been trying to fix this place up but some say the government has just about forsaken this part of town It s beyond sad and mind blowing how a place like this can exist in America But words can t really say enough about this place You have to see it yourself Here is Kensington the worst part of Philadelphia and one of the worst places I have ever visited in my life

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