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24 Mar 2022

Is Indianapolis ever going to recover Indianapolis Indiana Everyone knows it s the capital of Indiana and home to a lot of sports teams It has a reputation of being a big city with a small town vibe But what is it all about Is it fun Is it safe As we ll see the answers to those questions are clearly NO But Indianapolis is one of the biggest cities in the midwest and worth talking about So when I was passing by I had to pull off of I-65 and spend a day here The day I was passing by Indianapolis was a very nice one The sun was very bright and it was unusually warm for the city - around 70 degrees in late November of 2021 It was the perfect day to grab a pork tenderloin sandwich and do a short tour of Indianapolis Indiana Aww Indianapolis We re downtown right now We re going to drive around downtown Indianapolis and see what it s all about Along the way we ll talk about the good and the bad what it s like living here and chat with someone who grew up here to get her perspective on what Indy s all about Sadly I tried to focus on the positive things about living here but it was hard for both of us to stay positive There s just too many things to complain about nowadays Downtown Indy is sorta okay It s pretty slow paced There s certainly no hustle and bustle You can park easily and it s pretty cheap It s not gonna WOW you with things to do but you could find enough to keep you busy if you lived here There s not a lot of culture here - it s mostly bars and restaurants with basic midwest food - steaks burgers chicken taters There are many nationally known museums downtown there s a zoo and there s some cool areas where you can shop We ll see some of that along the way Indy has added a lot of condos downtown and there are a lot of hotels which support the nearby sports venues Within - or close to downtown is the NBA arena where the Pacers play some college basketball arenas and of course the stadium where the Colts play Peyton Manning came to town and threw a lot of touchdown So In 2008 they built him Lucas Oil Stadium and what followed was even more development and a Super Bowl and worldwide attention So you could say Peyton Manning really helped make Indianapolis a better place with just one arm There s parts of downtown that are very nice And the city is always looking to make it even better But goals and realizations don t always match up Today there are frustrations from locals who say downtown is getting more dangerous and rundown Stores are closing and there s a lot more gang activity and litter and homelessness here The day I drove through must have been the day after a major sweep because I didn t see much of that at all But it s usually worse looking Maybe they heard I was coming While downtown isn t too bad most of Indianapolis is pretty rundown and beat up The south side is industrial and there s a lot of older homes and crime The west side is a lot of strip malls and some hoods a big racetrack and an airport The east side has now become little Chicago Yeah it s bad over there So bad that Indianapolis is now top ten in the nation for crime and even more dangerous than Chicago per capita Yes I said that If you HAD to move to Indianapolis you d want to live on the north end Anywhere due north of downtown is much nicer The Broad Ripple neighborhood is very nice and as you get out of the downtown sprawl most of the nicest parts of the area are in this general area here Zionsville Fishers Noblesville and Carmel are all super nice places to live Probably the best places to live in the whole state One good thing about Indy is the cost of living You can still get a home here for about 200 000 as of this writing That s dirt cheap Although again just about anywhere you live in Indy proper is either rundown or crime ridden So what happened to Indianapolis How did it get so bad here We ll talk to someone who lives here soon but it s actually pretty shocking how fast this place has gone down the tubes The homicide rate here has gone up just about every year over the last decade In some cities you can put up with the crime because of the nearby amenities If you live here that s one thing this is your home and there s good people in town But unless you want to live a sheltered posh lifestyle just outside of the city limits I can t see any reason to recommend you move here indiana moving Email me Robikmarketing1 gmail com I have a Patreon if you love it so much Here's the link to donate to the channel a https 3A 2F 2Fwww patreon com 2FNickJohnsonYouTube 3Ffan landing 3Dtrue a You can buy my music here iTunes a https 3A 2F 2Fmusic apple com 2Fus 2Falbum 2Fstate-songs-an-album 2F1523790725 a More places to get my music -Google Play https play google com store music album Nick Johnson State Songs An Album id Byfshzyrbjldelqferxc6vijljm hl en US This channel is about America The best video on this topic

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