MR. CITY LOCAL NEWS Baltimore Maryland

24 Mar 2022

Wow Baltimore looks like a third world country So the day started off nice enough It was dawn on a late winter day - a sunny Sunday morning in rural Virginia By noon I would be nearly attacked isolated panicked and nearly trapped in some of the worst hoods I ve ever seen But that would come later It was about 7 am on February 23 2020 and I was going to Baltimore Now when you get to Baltimore it smacks you in the face Like you re in Baltimore bitch There is no denying you re here when you pull off and make the short trek from the highway into the center of it all Now most of the time when I visit a bad area I have a driver so I can control the camera But I couldn t convince anyone to drive me People were either too scared or busy So I had to film by myself Typically when I drive areas by myself I mount my camera on my Jeep like this and control it through the open sun roof But I realized that was NOT going to work in Baltimore I would have to move the camera inside the car and mount it to the dash like this in order to avoid drawing too much attention to myself or having the camera stolen So I apologize in advance for the sun glare on the windshield during many shots in which I was facing the sun But as it turns out being able to hold the camera in my hand allowed me to get angles of people that were only 20 feet away But as you ll see I had to hide the camera a lot whenever i was waiting for a light and large groups of people were nearby A white boy in the hood with a camera wasn t really normal For this drive we re going to spend most of our time in this general area here on the west side of town Anything west of Martin Luthur King and north and west of Pennsylvania is generally worst area of Baltimore I could find I ll just let this roll There really isn t a lot to say that can tell much of a story outside of what it looks like outside of my car That is up until someone tries to get into the car So i had a phone call i had to take and pulled over on a street that wasnt HORRIBLE But I clearly stood out This man right here spotted me from a block away and soon you ll hear him try and open the passenger door That was the one and ONLY time I stopped anywhere in Baltimore that wasn t at a red light In this hood there aren t any Redbox machines or ATM machines or bike racks There are no water fountains Nor are there any greenbelts or places to sit and relax It s liquor stores bars clothing and fast food To me Baltimore isn t only intimidating It s actually beautifully and perfectly ghetto It would be challenging to create a more exact replica of a rundown desperate inner city Every corner every building and every person is in its perfect place and perfectly flawed The groups of dark skinned people with their urban clothes smoking their blunts in complete disregard for what most people think is normal Like - it s Sunday morning but I m going to stand outside the liquor stores and flaunt my independence Some are looking for drugs and booze Some are looking for trouble Many are looking for camaraderie Like this is okay if we re doing it TOGETHER The abandonment the trash the almost lawlessness - there s nothing quite like it in the country that I ve ever seen I thought I was going to see angry lost people poverty and slums But I thought this place was beautiful It s the most perfect American ghetto you could ever create What you gonna do in my hood What you gonna do if ya could I see ya peepin at me Rollin around with that camera always pointed at me Tryin to pull me outta my jeep Youre playin with me I'm just a white dude tryin to take a peek At Baltimore Why you lookin at me Trying to lookin at you standing there all looking at me This place is crazy to me Id bet you couldn't agree that i ima dangerous YouTuber with my homie Mappy Song by Move Out MK2 This channel talks about America different states education travel geography and what it's like to live in different places in America Business email robikmarketing1 gmail com Mappy Mappy HomeSnacks net He'll do his best to answer your questions and fan mail

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