Machinists Career Video

27 Apr 2023

JOB TITLE Machinist OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION Set up and operate a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments out of metal Includes precision instrument makers who fabricate modify or repair mechanical instruments May also fabricate and modify parts to make or repair machine tools or maintain industrial machines applying knowledge of mechanics mathematics metal properties layout and machining procedures RELATED JOB TITLES Gear Machinist Journeyman Machinist Machine Operator Machine Repair Person Machinist Maintenance Machinist Maintenance Specialist Production Machinist Set-Up Machinist Tool Room Machinist ONET 51-4041 00 JOB TITLE Tool and Die Makers OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION Analyze specifications lay out metal stock set up and operate machine tools and fit and assemble parts to make and repair dies cutting tools jigs fixtures gauges and machinists' hand tools RELATED JOB TITLES Aircraft Tool Maker Carbide Tool Die Maker Die Maker Jig and Fixture Builder Jig and Fixture Repairer Tool and Die Machinist Tool and Die Maker Tool Repairer Toolmaker Trim Die Maker arch

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