I drove through the worst parts of Myrtle Beach South Carolina This is it

24 Mar 2022

Wow there are some really terrible areas in Myrtle Beach South Carolina For this video I took Route 17 south into the city of Myrtle Beach South Carolina The goal would be to check out the worst parts of this beach community areas that I had heard a lot about in the past It was partly cloudy but warm on a Monday January 4 2021 at about 10 am We re going to check out two areas in Myrtle Beach that are the most run down of all one area is closer to downtown and the second area - probably the worst area - is down by the airport We re going to an area close to downtown This little neighborhood is pretty rundown and is only a mile from the main drag with all the rides and museums and restaurants and hotels Now recently Myrtle Beach was named as the third most dangerous place you can live in the entire NATION Much of that is because of the large number of people who are into drugs and a lot of the crime is also associated with the tourist season Lots of people who flock here from out of town cause problems shoot people and get into trouble And locals prey on the tourists who come into town as well Property crimes are a huge headache every summer Others have blamed the crime on the rise in the cost of living here as wages haven t kept up with the cost to rent a home for example Myrtle Beach used to be an awesome place to bring the family down but Myrtle Beach now has an image problem as word is out about the rise in crime here so less families come here for their vacations However the main drag is still very pretty and there are a lot of fun things to do I highlight the Myrtle Beach strip in another video Finally we ll go to the worst neighborhood I was able to find It s way down near the airport on the south end of town about two miles from the main drag myrtlebeach southcarolina You can buy my music here iTunes a https 3A 2F 2Fmusic apple com 2Fus 2Falbum 2Fstate-songs-an-album 2F1523790725 a Google Play https play google com store music album Nick Johnson State Songs An Album id Byfshzyrbjldelqferxc6vijljm hl en US Amazon Music a https 3A 2F 2Fmusic amazon com 2Falbums 2FB08D3G43VR a This channel is about America The best video on this topic

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