I drove through peaceful Lafayette Indiana This is what I saw

24 Mar 2022

In today s video I headed northwest from central Illinois across corn and bean fields into western Indiana to the city of Lafayette The region had been snowed on a few days prior but today was rare winter day when it was clear with temps in the mid 40s It was Saturday December 21st 2019 at 10 am The greater Lafayette area is a somewhat charming region It's separated by two sides Lafayette on the east and West Lafayette in the west The two communities are separated by the Wabash River The entire region is anchored by Purdue university in West Lafayette That's where we'll start and then we'll drive through campus over the Wabash River and into downtown Lafayette We ll pick things up on West State Street in West Lafayette which goes through the heart of the Purdue campus We ll take State Street east through campus and into the part of town where most of West Lafayette s retail and entertainment is located AKA the bar scene I spent a number of years living here and grew to really like the place It s a charming place Lafayette is filled with friendly people where you make new friends quite easily A lot of people are involved in the community and crime and the cost of living are actually not all that bad The only downside to living here really is the lack of things to do OUTSIDE of the greater Tippecanoe County area For some real fun you have to drive an hour southeast to Indianapolis which isn t really all that exciting or two hours north to Chicago The area off in the distance at the bottom of the hill near the Wabash River is practically brand new It s full of fancy new apartments for Purdue students We re now making our way towards downtown Lafayette To the left is a region called Wabash Landing It s also full of new retail and restaurants And I accidentally took the roundabout twice We re now crossing over the Wabash River into downtown Lafayette Off to the right you can see the Tippecanoe County Courthouse Downtown Lafayette has more bars and restaurants per capita than any other city in Indiana Up and down Main Street are several dozen options for dining and drinking I spent a number of years here and I can attest to the sheer number of drinkin holes There s actually not a lot to do in the greater Lafayette area for fun except belly up to a bar especially in the long winter months On the left is the famous Lafayette theater where apparently Lloyd Ave Latin night and PAULY SHORE are coming Big time Now we re going to turn around and head back downtown again on south Columbia Street and head back over the Wabash River one more time to see an additional perspective And off in the distance is once again the east side of Purdue s campus in all its glory I also wanted to quickly show you the central part of Purdue s campus This is Ross Ade stadium where the Purdue football team plays And we ll drive down behind the stadium to Mackey Arena to check that out There s Mackey Arena - where the Purdue s basketball teams play It s located on John Wooden Drive named after the all-time great basketball coach and Purdue alum That s Lafayette and West Lafayette Indiana in a nutshell folks Pretty much one of the best places you can live in Indiana outside of the northern Indianapolis suburbs This channel talks about America different states education travel geography and what it's like to live in different places in America Business email robikmarketing1 gmail com Mappy Mappy HomeSnacks net He'll do his best to answer your questions and fan mail

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