24 Mar 2022

Is Cleveland a rundown has been town Where are the nice places in Cleveland to live And is it true that Cleveland is improving We ll go over that and even more everyone We re gonna unbox the city of Cleveland Cleveland The mistake by the lake The CLE Believeland I don t know about that one But here we are in one of America s former finest cities There s a chance you re thinking about moving here one day or maybe just visiting or you re just curious about the place It s a city with a big stigma as being run down and crime ridden We ll talk about that But to be the most helpful about Cleveland and for you to know where you should live here we ll gloss over the different parts of town and show you the good suburbs the shitty side of town of course downtown and where the middle class lives Generally the west side of Cleveland is the safest part where there s a lot of middle class folks with some crime and a some run down areas Downtown is getting safer and they re improving it but it s still sketch in many areas The east side is really rundown and full of crime and poverty And the far outer ring suburbs are where it s the safest where all the rich people live ohio moving You can buy my music here iTunes a https 3A 2F 2Fmusic apple com 2Fus 2Falbum 2Fstate-songs-an-album 2F1523790725 a Google Play https play google com store music album Nick Johnson State Songs An Album id Byfshzyrbjldelqferxc6vijljm hl en US Amazon Music a https 3A 2F 2Fmusic amazon com 2Falbums 2FB08D3G43VR a This channel is about America The best video on this topic

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