10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move to the United States

24 Mar 2022

The United States has become a terrible place Here are ONLY 10 reasons why you shouldn't live here We re number 28 And dropping A non profit called a social progress index recently came out with another ranking on world progress and guess what Three countries actually DROPPED when it came to overall progression Hungary Brazil and us And the other two dropped less than we did Which means we re doing worse over the last decade than every other country in the world Is that a surprise Maybe not when you look around and see the challenges we have in our country today Our kids are struggling our adults are overweight and drugged out There s a political divide we haven t seen in a long time And meanwhile we are distracted by our phones and reality TV The data points to an alarming picture of the state of our nation said one really smart person It s like we re a developing country and that is just sad Despite our enormous wealth military power and cultural influence we re coming up in last place We re like the entitled rich kid who keeps failing in class Today we ll look at the world rankings see where we did well but spend MOST of our time talking about what s wrong with America Cause we got some issues BIG TIME But that s no surprise right You can buy my music here iTunes a https 3A 2F 2Fmusic apple com 2Fus 2Falbum 2Fstate-songs-an-album 2F1523790725 a Google Play https play google com store music album Nick Johnson State Songs An Album id Byfshzyrbjldelqferxc6vijljm hl en US Amazon Music a https 3A 2F 2Fmusic amazon com 2Falbums 2FB08D3G43VR a This channel is about America The best video on this topic usa unitedstates

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